This photo made it into Vogue India

Victor de Souza Fall Winter 2010 Fashion Week:

I met the Vogue model/blogger Anjhula Singh Bais after the fashion show, she viewed my photos, and asked me to send her the photo above, for her story.


Getting ready and selected fashion show photos:

Patricia Field – Legendary stylist for HBO’s Sex and the City was just so nice and sweet. I had a chat with her about our next Obscure Object Film, and Victor de Souza Designs. She said she was one of the first, to sell his Designs in her Boutique, and lifted up her multiple layers to show me, the Victor de Souza bustier she was wearing. Patrica said shes had it for years, and that his Pieces are timeless.

This was one of my fave NYC moments. After a brief chat she finished her cigarret and asked me if I would like to share a taxi with her downtown. Unfortunatly I said I had to go shoot another Fashion Week runway show. In the cold september night I jumped in the the taxi, only to arrive to an empty next booking was a mistake.oh.

Patricia Field : Sex and The City, Stylist & costume Designer.

Narcisco Nars

Back stage Final touches

More backstage and Presentation photos Featured in Modacycle.