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Art Dept.: Caroline Pham, Stephen Dirkes, Pamela Liou, Zon Chu, Ioana Popescu, Carlos Vidal, Jeff Niesen.

Obscure Object Films is very excited to be in production on jewelry designers, Langoliers, short film for their upcoming RED collection. Stephen Dirkes created a story that draws on many of Zon and Pamela’s design influences putting together the collection as varied as Karl Jung’s “Red Book” and 19th Century occultism to Alchemy, the principle location in Stephen’s tale for Langoliers is set in a 19th Century Alchemist’s laboratory.

Director Stephen Dirkes & filmmaker Viktor Vokjan

A fantastic art dept. was assembled to create our set, fabricate puppets, construct props, design spinning, animatable devices, etc, etc ,etc., with elements largely sourced from Stephen & artist Joel Voisard’s personal collection of tables, lenses, gears, 1930’s erector sets.

Designer’s Pamela Liou & Zon Chu with Caroline Pam and Ioana Popescu

Caroline Pham

Art Director, Caroline Pham coordinated the effort and created beautiful design elements such as custom “wallpaper” stamps to integrate and unify the elements we were working with to the Langoliers collection.

Designer Zon CHU

Ioana Popescu

Each of the 4 “props” or tables and stands on set functions as an individual set or world in miniature as the story takes us on a journey in stop motion animation through the Alchemist’s process of turning jewelry into magic.

Jeff’s Niesen Sketch book sneak peak

Caroline Pham

Ioana Popescu perfecting the Orrery design

Not only required to look good in super-zoomed-in macro detail, but each prop had unique animation requirements as well. Ioana, Jeff, Pamela and Zon all have jewelry making backgrounds that made the cutting, welding, grinding, fitting, etc possible, Go Team!

Photos Tal Shpantzer


Moods of Norway

ENK owner

Patricia Bessa Showroom Seven, Jake Spencer Hammel (Just Jake)

ROARK Andrew Steiger + talfoto

Justin Min, Dirty Durty Diary


Moods of Norway Designers

Stephen Dirkes

Stacy Roman & Just Jake

My shoot for HH/Disney Signiture sneak- Peak, More to come:

Hayde-Harnett For Walt Disney Signature

WALT DISNEY SIGNATURE COLLECTION BY Hayden-Harnett featuring The Beautiful Dead Scarf: Pirates of The Caribbean
Photo By Tal Shpantzer
Styling Toni Hacker
Model Kim Mutalova
Hair/Makeup Brit Cochran
Lighting & on set DJ: Stephen Dirkes

It was a pleasure shooting Designer Ayaka Nishi‘s Jewelry Collections for her lookbook/Poster.
All 5 collection: Coral , Bone, Feather, Spider, & one of my faves – The Honeycomb Collection.

Makeup artist Seevon Chau and her assistant Rie Tsunku, Together with Brit Cochran on hair, with styling assist by Shoko Ishibashi-made our photo dreams come true.

Model : Kim Isis Matulova

Stephen Dirkes Shot a stunning video piece.

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