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The 5 looks I shot were customized to the designers collections and her inspiration of the Chinese Zodiac.

I  translated Jade’s five collections into the natural elements of fire, water, earth, metal and wood and found ways to connect the stories in Jade’s collection, with looks evolved with Mua: Seevon Chau and model Danni Wang on set.Screen shot 2013-02-13 at 7.24.16 PM

Her unique approach to East/West cultural fusion, and the upcoming celebration of the year of the snake inspired our whole team.: The B&W “Snake” photos were together as a collaboration with Obscure Object Films, which used the photos as a part of their Fashion film as well.

Screen shot 2013-02-13 at 8.01.06 PM

Campaign Lookbook Credit:       Photographs by Tal Shpantzer Jewelry Designer : Jade Chiu Designs

Model : Danni Wang

Lighting : Stephen Dirkes, Makeup Artist : Seevon Chau

Hair: Henry De La Paz, Ken See


CREDITS for Fashion Film – above in : “the Snake”

Burst Photos: Tal Shpantzer

Director : Stephen Dirkes

Still Photography – Tal ShpantzerScreen shot 2013-02-13 at 8.09.34 PM

Jewelry Designer : Jade Chiu DesignsSnakeJadeChiu_Talfoto2013-02-16 at 2.35.09 PMScreen shot 2013-02-13 at 7.50.34 PM

Makeup Artist – Seevon Chau, assistant Kodo Nishimura

Hair Stylist – Film: Henry De La Paz, LookBook : Ken See

Studio – Rebecca Trent, the Creek and the Cave, LIC


Photo : Tal Shpantzer

MUA: Masha Gvozdov

Model: Ayaka K

Thanks to Ioana Pop & HH Design Store


It was a pleasure shooting Designer Ayaka Nishi‘s Jewelry Collections for her lookbook/Poster.
All 5 collection: Coral , Bone, Feather, Spider, & one of my faves – The Honeycomb Collection.

Makeup artist Seevon Chau and her assistant Rie Tsunku, Together with Brit Cochran on hair, with styling assist by Shoko Ishibashi-made our photo dreams come true.

Model : Kim Isis Matulova

Stephen Dirkes Shot a stunning video piece.

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